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Learn how retailing works and the factors that influence its success.


Introduction to Retailing

  • Learn about the ever-changing retail landscape
  • Identify different types of retail businesses
  • Describe the internal and external factors that impact the retail business
  • Identify key retail terms
  • Understand the 3 P’s of retail: Product, Presentation and People, and how they influence customer satisfaction
  • Explain the seasonality of retail and how seasonal changes affect customer needs
  • Learn about the retail industry’s growth and career opportunities

The Shopping Experience

  • Describe the key drivers that contribute to a great shopping experience
  • Understand customer shopping habits, motivations, and expectations
  • Explain the various service levels in retail
  • Describe the Retail Manager’s role in influencing the shopping experience

Retail People and Positions

  • Understand the traits and characteristics that best match the job requirements of the retail industry
  • Identify key retail positions and how they contribute to the customer’s shopping experience and the success of the business
  • Describe the career path for retail management and main responsibilities of retail management roles

Sales and Profit

  • Understand the Retail Manager’s role in achieving sales volume and building sales growth
  • Describe the factors that influence sales
  • Describe the factors that impact profitability

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